Queens Jetty Reconstruction

Project Type
Port and Marine Structures

The main lay-by jetty at the Falmouth Shipyard was formerly a timber structure and was severely damaged by fire. A repair contract was awarded quickly with the requirement to rebuild the jetty in a short timeframe. The design and construction contract used pre-fabricated elements and was completed in 9 months.

Beckett Rankine carried out a design review for the new jetty as required by the insurance company. This required liaising with both the jetty designer and the client. An auditable review system was put in place to cover calculations, drawings and specifications.

The new Queens Wharf replaces the structure that was damaged during a gale on the night of 8 January 2003, when it is believed a halogen lamp was blown over and started a fire near a generator. The jetty was put straight back into use to accommodate vessels under repair.