Millbank Millennium Pier

Project Type

Millbank Millennium Pier broke new ground in passenger pier design. The pier links Tate Britain, Tate Modern and Saatchi gallery by riverboat. The aesthetic appearance of the pier was a critical requirement in the design. The end result was a functional floating sculpture formed of faceted steel plates.

Beckett Rankine were responsible for the overall design of the new pier and supervision of its construction. At night, the pier is transformed by Angela Bullochs Flash & Tidal artwork which is built into the piers structure. The pier has since been nominated for several design awards.

The pontoon is held in place by three radial arms to avoid unsightly piles, and these are able to move in critical directions to allow the pontoon to rise and fall freely on the tide. Two arms hold the pier at a set distance from the riverbank, while the approach bridge restrains it in line with the river.