Greenwich Pier Refurbishment

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Greenwich Pier is one of the most heavily used passenger piers on the River Thames. It provides a gateway to tourist areas in South-East London, including the historic vessel Cutty Sark and the Royal Naval College. After many years of service, the floating structure needed refurbishment, with the replacement of some of the key elements.

Beckett Rankine managed the entire project, including the specification of all works, tendering to contractors, and on-site supervision. Tight deadlines had to be met to ensure continued use of the facility at all times, even though the works were scheduled for the low demand season.

A Ramp Rider system was installed to convey mobility-impaired people on and off the pier. It was the first application of this system outside the USA. This saved a considerable cost compared with alternative methods of providing full access for the 6 metre tidal range.