Narvik Container Terminal Review

Project Type
Port Planning

The Northern East West Corridor had the potential to become a major global trading route. The concept was to create a transatlantic sea connection to the Trans-Siberian railway. The port of Narvik, which is ice free with good railway links, would need to be enlarged to accommodate the increased number of containers travelling through the port.

Beckett Rankine conducted a review of the port facilities and operations, highlighting issues such as a lack of container storage area. These problems needed a solution, so proposals included expansion of the terminal storage area south of the existing quay.

The port could only accommodate vessels of up to 3,000 TEU when the review was made. The expansion would account for larger ships of up to 5,000 TEU, and a second berth could provide up to 1 million TEU per year. However, much reorganisation of the land is needed to accommodate the containers.