Project Type
Port Planning

The lifting gate at Bhavnagar port had exceeded its design life and was suffering from leakage, which prevented the correct water level in the impounded port basin from being maintained. This was caused by corrosion to the underground sheet pile cut-off wall due to severe scouring of the concrete panels on the seabed.

Beckett Rankine inspected site surveys and developed various designs to solve the problem. The works were carried out by the contractor on a turnkey contract and we reviewed drawings, surveys and other documents as required. The leak was repaired by patching the hole and grouting.

The new port at Bhavnagar was created in the 1960s when the innovative lifting dock gate was designed. The gate is easy to maintain while out of the water and, by lifting the gate just off its sill, high velocity flows can be generated at low level to minimise siltation in the entrance channel.