Project Type
Feasibility Studies

The Port of Bautino on the Caspian Sea was to be developed as a supply base for the increasing offshore oil exploration and production activity. A new base capable of holding a large number of vessels and able to meet the high standards of the companies utilising the site, was required by the developers of the site.

Beckett Rankine formulated a plan for the expansion of the base. This involved all critical aspects of the port, including a breakwater and service jetty as well as berths for a wide range of offshore support vessels, tugs, and other small craft. Land facilities were also included.

Relevant steps had to be taken considering the harsh climate. Temperatures range from minus 35°C to more than 40°C, and the sea is completely frozen over for part of the year. Several berths were therefore incorporated to shelter the ships during the period of little activity in the winter months.