Project Type
Port Planning

The island of Alderney relies on its commercial quay at Braye Harbour as the only point of access for passengers, cargo and oil supplies. The facility had suffered from deterioration and was now unsafe for freight handling. Major renovation was needed to provide a robust berthing structure to enable the quay to last for another 50 years.

Beckett Rankine was asked to design the new harbour facilities, as well as project manage and site supervise during the renovation. The design included a longer berth for larger vessels including RoRo vessels, a container handling area with a passenger waiting facility and improved safety and storage.

The structure of the lower berth had been rendered unsafe by the severe corrosion of the sheet piles. A pre-cast mass concrete blockwork wall was installed six metres out from the existing deck to provide a substantial structure and to avoid further corrosion by the severe wave climate and berthing forces from vessels.