Mo I Rana Port, Norway

The busy seaport at Mo I Rana in northern Norway handles coastal and feeder vessels for the nearby industrial terminal, with container and bulk cargoes transferred along a dedicated haul road. With significant expansion in the Industripark, including the construction of several new factories, the port appointed Beckett Rankine to study their port operations and transport logistics and report on plans and concepts for the way forward.

Much of the industrial development in this area focuses on the manufacture of emission free fuels, taking advantage of Northern Norway’s low cost renewable hydro-power. These new factories, combined with the potential for increased penetration of existing loose cargoes into containers, made it necessary to consider and develop new plans for the cargo handling, especially container logistics. And there was a strong desire to encourage emission free operations on all activities as well as the introduction of automation wherever possible.

Mo I Rana remains ice-free all year, despite harsh winters and significant amounts of snowfall. The vessel berths are well sheltered and the access channel provides good deep water access. We were pleased to have the opportunity to visit the port during the summer months with long days and no complete darkness.