25 years of asset management at Grain LNG, Medway Kent

From initial conception to maximising the life span of the facility, Beckett Rankine has a long history of asset management at the National Grid’s Grain LNG terminal.

In 1998, we designed the masterplan for a new terminal in the Isle of Grain that has since become Europe’s largest liquified natural gas (LNG) terminal.   

The terminal has two jetties that were designed for a 25-year lifespan. As the end of their design life approached, National Grid commissioned Beckett Rankine to investigate whether there was a way to extend the life of their assets, helping to protect UK energy security in the coming decades.  

After extensive surveys, in-depth geotechnical & structural analysis, and feasibility studies, we identified cost-effective and sustainable options that prioritise the safety of their continued use.  

The most recent phase of work included designing an extensive cathodic protection system for Jetty 10’s steel piles. With over 100 tonnes of cathodic protection system needed along 112 piles, this was no small task.  

The additional challenge of minimising disruption to the terminal’s operations, plus a desire to reduce the risk of underwater working, led to the creative solution of a customised steel strapping system that will weather environmental conditions and propellor wash forces.  

With more phases of the life extension plan in the works, we look forward to how this terminal continues to evolve and adapt for another generation. 

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