Project Type
Dry Bulk Terminal

A new bulk cement terminal was to be built at Onne, near Port Harcourt. The project required dredging to deepen the access channel, with the dredged spoil being used for land reclamation. An access road was constructed over the swamp, as well as a jetty and berthing dolphins with shore side administration and support facilities.

Beckett Rankine planned and designed the marine and shoreside facilities for the cement terminal, including navigation channels and road access. The firm worked closely with a team of local engineers during the supervision of dredging and construction works on-site.

The main terminal facility is a floating vessel that contains silos and a bagging plant. Discharge to the shore is via two bag conveyors and a bulk delivery pipeline. Poor ground conditions discovered during land reclamation required most of the structures to be piled with settlements of up to one metre.