Project Type
Creative Design

Residents on the five inhabited islands of the Isles of Scilly rely on boats as their main form of transport. Higher Town Quay on St Martin’s Island is therefore part of a vital lifeline. It is used by both cargo handling vessels and passenger ferries and has high levels of tourist traffic during the summer months.

Beckett Rankine oversaw the refurbishment of the quay as part of the 4 million Off Island Quay project. With as many 200 people on the quay at one time, health and safety standards had to be improved. During renovation, the quay was widened to allow for the safe passage of both vehicle and passenger traffic.

Special consideration was given to the local environment during the planning of renovation works, with the concrete colour specifically matched to the coastal rock. Following refurbishment, a management plan and a user guide were developed to ensure the safe use of the quay.