Project Type
Dry Bulk Terminal

A jetty has been constructed for handling 30,000DWT dry bulk carriers with an approach extending more than 2 kilometres out into the Gulf of Cambay. Although the sea is calm for much of the year, the site is exposed. A maximum tidal range of 10 metres gives rise to currents of up to 6 knots at the 14 metre deep berth. There was further scope for development.

Beckett Rankine studied the potential for converting this single berth into a standalone port on a BOOT basis. The report included traffic and technical analysis, and advice was also provided on geotechnical problems encountered during the installation of large diameter piles.

Constructed as a captive berth to a copper smelter plant, this jetty is in an area where there is a demand for new, high-efficiency port capacity. Conversion of the existing facility into a standalone port required an agreement with Gujarat Maritime Board and environmental authorities.