Project Type
Feasibility Studies

Development was underway at the Port of Bautino on the Caspian Sea to establish a supply base for offshore oil exploration and production. It was designed to berth a large number of vessels, which would occasionally require repair. Facilities were needed to enable ship maintenance to be carried out at the port.

Beckett Rankine was asked to create an outline design and a detailed design for a ship lift at the port. Ships of up to 600 tonnes needed to be manoeuvred out of the water and onto the shore for maintenance. Studies were carried out to assess which was the most appropriate and cost effective structure.

A finger pier jetty structure was chosen as the best option to cope with a variety of craft, including large vessels, tugs and other small vessels. Consideration had to be given to the harsh climate, with temperatures ranging from minus 35°C to more than 40°C.