Shetland Inter-Island Transport Study

Shetland Inter-Island Transport Study

Beckett Rankine has been asked to join a team of experts to carry out a robust STAG-based Appraisal of all internal transportation routes (air & ferry) and future internal transport requirements of the Shetland Isles, which are served by 17 piers and terminals across the Shetland mainland and 9 surrounding islands.

Transportation between the islands provides a vital lifeline for those that live and work there and is essential for the economy’s sustainability. The aim of this comprehensive study is to identify the future transportation needs of the islands so that future provision is made in line with the area’s developing needs.

Working with Peter Brett Associates and The Maritime Group amongst others, we will perform a review of the current service delivery by assessing the port facilities. This includes setting out the factual position with respect to the current ferry terminals, and examining the ferry service provision currently available while identifying whether there is any over or under provision of these services.

The overall process will involve engagement with key stakeholders, including the communities themselves and the relevant harbour authorities, and we will be carrying out a high level assessment of existing infrastructure assets in terms of their condition, necessary remedial work and future operating requirements. The work also includes an operational review of the current inter-island ferry service with recommendations as to where improvements can be made.

This analysis will support the development of a 30-year plan for the future of inter-island transport services in the Shetland Islands.