Project Type
Oil & LNG
Middle East

The major development of Ras Laffan made the LNG port the largest manmade harbour in the world. The expansion involved 20 kilometres of breakwaters and 15 cubic metres of dredging to accommodate more than 30 ship berths. This was required because of the dramatic rise in the export of LNG and other gas products from Qatar.

Beckett Rankine was responsible for preparing a Masterplan to cover the entirety of the construction of the port. This included selection of an appropriate site. Various hydrodynamic model studies were used to consider the waves, currents, and siltation as well as vessel simulation.

The total annual throughput of the port was planned to be more than 250 million tonnes. Timeframe for the construction of the port is tight, as oil majors have started to build plants in the area. These include LNG trains and gas-to-liquids plant. A ship repair yard and back-up infrastructure were also planned.