BRICEBeckett Rankine ICE Training Scheme

Beckett Rankine has had an ICE accredited training scheme since January 2008.

The Beckett Rankine ICE Training Scheme (BRICE) provides a formal training programme for those who have chosen to join the scheme (trainees) within the scope of Beckett Rankine’s professional activities.


Trainees will be offered a breadth of experience and the formal training necessary to achieve the ICE’s Development Objectives.


Trainees will make a gradual progression towards increasing technical responsibility and commercial development.


Trainees will have sufficient time and professional experience for successful preparation for the Professional Review appropriate to their chosen qualification.

Company Commitment

The above aims will be achieved through the commitment to co-operation between Beckett Rankine and the trainees. Beckett Rankine will demonstrate their commitment to individual trainees’ development and training by registering a Training Agreement with the ICE and providing:

  • Three days formal training per year and a further four half days per year for attending half day meetings (including payment of time and expenses for attending the above);
  • Four training reviews per year at quarterly intervals with either a Supervising Civil Engineer (SCE) or Delegated Engineer (DE).

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