Prime Minister At Lot’s Ait

Prime Minister David Cameron has visited John’s Boat Works Ltd on Lot’s Ait in Brentford on the River Thames which he was visiting as part of the government’s small business initiative. The purpose of the visit was to highlight Lot’s Ait as an example of job creation through maritime regeneration.

Lot’s Ait boatyard fell derelict in the late 1960s and lay in disrepair for 35 years until a programme of staged rehabilitation was undertaken which transformed it into what is now a vibrant community of 10 business start-ups.

Beckett Rankine has played a key role in the rehabilitation of the yard and moorings having planned and designed all the enabling works. Following on from site clearance and asbestos removal works we designed a new access bridge and services for the island. In January 2012, we oversaw the installation of the bridge which was the most important element in bringing the island and its boatyard back to life.

For further information about our work on Lot’s Ait, see our News Item from 17th January 2012 which includes a time lapse video of the installation of the bridge.