Wandsworth Pontoon Moorings

Project Type
Feasibility Studies

Pontoon moorings for residential and visiting boats were needed adjacent to the new Riverside Quarter development in Wandsworth. The new moorings were to provide 470 metres of berthing face for residential boats and 60 metres for visitors, with the pontoons connected to the shore by a gangway to give easy access gradients.

Beckett Rankine managed this project from inception, including the designing of the berths as heavy pontoons secured by piles and construction supervision. Consents and approvals for the location of the pontoons was sought from several different government departments and agencies.

The residential berths are arranged on two rows of pontoons lying parallel to the riverbank. The inner pontoon dries out at low tide, while the outer pontoon only dries out on exceptionally low tides. Vessel movements are only occasionally required but access is nearly always available.