Jubilee Gardens Jetty

Project Type
Procurement and Supervision

The Client was required to transport all excavated material out of Central London by river as part of its planning consent. The condition was imposed to reduce road congestion and necessitated the construction of a barge loading facility. A further restriction was that no piles were to be installed in the river bed because of underground tunnels.

Beckett Rankine designed the jetty, which included an 85 metre long berthing pontoon for barges to moor against and a 97 metre long conveyor bridge supported on a landside trestle with two riverside legs. The jetty was only required to operate for a period of 4 years.

This low cost jetty was fabricated into a catamaran from second-hand tubular sections and held in place by radial arms. The whole of the 85 metre pontoon rotated under berthing impact making this an efficient fender system. Sunken barges were used for all supports in the river.