Isle of Man Ferry Terminals

Project Type
Cruise and Ferries

Ferry services operate across the Irish Sea linking the Isle of Man with the UK and Ireland. Freight and cars are carried, as well as a substantial number of motorbikes during the summer when the TT races are in progress. An inspection was required of the two main ro-ro linkspans in Douglas Harbour to identify remedial and maintenance works.

Beckett Rankine inspected the linkspans and reported findings with recommendations. Both structures were hydraulically operated bridges. One was a self-contained unit, while the other had been converted from an integral floating unit by the installation of additional support piles.

The self-contained linkspan was later removed and relocated in the port at Heysham. This was achieved by pumping out the ballast tanks in the substructure and refloating the entire unit. It was then towed across the sea to its new location and positioned on a newly prepared stone bed.