Project Type
Creative Design

The Dockmaster Pontoon is a state-of-the-art heavy duty pontoon system suitable for berthing large yachts, ferries and support vessels. Dockmaster has now become the pontoon of choice for the UK windfarm industry and has been installed in several harbours for personnel craft. Dockmaster can be supported on piled or anchored moorings.

Beckett Rankine has worked closely with the client and a production team developing designs for the Dockmaster, including refinements as required. Strength is provided by stressing the precast concrete side panels against the expanded polystyrene buoyancy block, which is tied together with the concrete deck.

The Dockmaster is produced under factory conditions to ensure a high quality and durable product. Concrete side panels are precast on a carrousel unit in order to maintain tight tolerances required for achieving the correct buoyancy and freeboard. On completion Dockmaster pontoons are transported by road.