Ferry Quays river wall inspection

2016, 2022
Project Type
Inspection and Report

Brentford’s Ferry Quays, located where the River Brent joins the Thames, is a multi-use site with a marina that features residences and businesses, including water sports schools, restaurants and a hotel. The inside of the marina includes a mitre gate and retained water level, while houseboats and small vessels are moored off the marina pontoons. Outside the marina, where the water is tidal, additional houseboats are moored along the River Brent. 

In 2016, Beckett Rankine surveyed the site to assess whether the river wall is at risk of collapse. We returned in 2022 to provide an update on the condition of the same area.

The inspection took place from the foreshore and pontoons, showing the walls to be in generally fair condition with no urgent works required.

We provided recommendations such as replacing timber facings, removing debris and clearing overgrown vegetation, which would help the client to maintain the river walls and prevent major works in future. We also advised regular inspections to take place so that any issues could be addressed at an early stage.