Project Type
Creative Design

Teniz Service intended to reclaim an area from Tup Karagan bay in the Bautino region. The site is located at the Eastern Shore of Tup Karagan Bay, next to the existing Teniz Service Yard and spans an area of 20 Ha. A steel fabrication yard was then planned for the reclamaimed area to service the fast growing offshore exploration and production developments.

Beckett Rankine was commissioned to undertake the detailed design for the reclamation and future use of the area for J Ray McDermott. This entailed an assessment of the project’s Soil Investigation Report and the design of a pair of skidways for loading out 20,000t topside modules for the offshore oil industry.

The skidway will be built on land reclaimed from the sea, filled with local quarried limestone and then compacted to specified bearing capacities. Due to the difficult geology combined with very tight settlement allowances, a challenging piling design was required to provide an adequately robust structure.