Project Type
Creative Design

Located on the eastern bank of the River Ural, Atyrau Port in Kazakhstan was being constructed for Atyrau Ozen Port as a fabrication yard loadout facility serving oil exploration operations in the northern Caspian Sea. The facility is to be used for loading out large modules weighing up to 1,500 tonnes to flat top barges for use in the oil fields of the Northern Caspian.

Beckett Rankine were asked to prepare designs and specifications for the construction of a new combi quay wall backed by two substantial piled loadout platforms, to the required level of detail for consents and construction. The river in front of the quay wall also needed to be dredged following the wall’s construction.

The self propelled modular transporters (SPMTs) that were used for the load transfers meant large quay edge loading. Therefore the design for the heavy duty quay structure had to provide for an absence of any projecting quay furniture, such as bollards which were inset.