Guide to Marine Licences and Consents

In response to popular demand we have updated and reissued the Beckett Rankine Guide to Marine Licences and Consents; click on this link to download a copy.

For most of the projects we design marine consents are required in addition to planning consent from the local planning authority. While  the requirements of the Town and Country Planning Acts are similar across the UK the same cannot be said for marine consents, the requirements for which vary not just between countries in the UK but also between Harbour Authorities.

Our guidance note is focused on obtaining consent in the Port of London’s area of jurisdiction because this is possibly the most demanding area of water in which to obtain a construction consent.  The guide does not address consents for works in non-tidal waters as this is generally a simpler process.

The document includes guidance on the timescales involved for obtaining marine consents and it should be noted that these are often longer than the time required to obtain planning permission; early planning for the marine consent process is therefore recommended.

While this guide is accurate at the time of publication consenting requirements regularly evolve and it is possible that further changes will occur when the UK leaves the European Union. Whether these changes will make the consenting process easier or more difficult remains to be seen.

If you have any queries on the marine licences and consents required for your project do contact us for a discussion with one of our experts.