Toisa Paladin

Toisa Paladin

In recognition of our planning and design projects for offshore supply bases we now have a new addition to our fleet proudly displayed in our office window. TOISA PALADIN is an offshore support vessel with a capability for DP2 Saturation Diving and has an overall length of 103.70m, beam of 19.70m and draught of 6.135m. Maximum speed is 15.5kn and gross tonnage 4,200t.

Toisa Paladin was constructed by Kleven Verft AS at the Ulsteinvik Island shipyard near Ålesund in Norway with the keel was laid in January 2007. The ship was launched on 22 November 2007 (see and delivered in to the Toisa fleet, managed by London based Sealion Shipping Management in January 2008.

Operated by Cal Dive / Fugro, the Toisa Paladin Paladin is a highly specialised Diving Support Vessel capable of executing efficient and long term diving campaigns, while equally suited to subsea installation, ROV intervention, and Inspection Repair & Maintenance workscopes. The main propulsion uses electric motors with one retractable Azimuth of 1,200 bhp on the bow and two tunnel thrusters each of 1,400 bhp, while the stern has two Azipulls, each of 3,000 bhp. Accommodation is available for 100 personnel and is fitted with an 18-man dive system capable of providing saturation diving to a depth of 300m.

The deck area onboard is around 50m × 19.7m, giving a space of about 900m², with a deck capacity of 1,000t, and several adjacent workshops. There is a 140t active heave compensated crane and two smaller knuckle-boom cranes with capacities of 5t, two 15t deck tuggers and two 10t capstans. The ship is equipped with a 10t, 21m helideck, a diving bell moonpool (3.6m × 3.9m) and four 50-person covered lifeboats.

The 100 bed accommodation comprises 24 single cabins, 32 double berth cabins and three quadruple berth cabins (not including the hospital or the saturation diver’s accommodation). The mess room has 55 seats and there are two recreation spaces as well as project office, conference room, operations office, online survey space, offline survey space, two charterers’ offices, sky lobby and gymnasium.