Sellafield Evaporator D

Project Type
Inspection and Report

The refurbishment project required transport of twelve 1,000t nuclear evaporator modules from the east coast to the west coast. These were too large for land transportation so had to be shipped around Scotland. Furthermore, the Environment Agency imposed a requirement not to disturb the beach or construct any permanent structures upon it.

Beckett Rankine created the concept that saved the client a substantial amount of money by identifying Robert Wynn & Sons’ unique lifting vessel, the ‘Terra Marique’ as a safe method of transhipping the modules by sea. Large loads could be delivered direct to the beach using she vessel’s own ramps.

The modules were transported and landed with the use of self propelled modular transporters. Motion analysis and sea fastening calculations were required for each of the ‘Terra Marique’s voyages from Ellesmere Port, where the modules were built, to Sellafield.